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Nov 4, 2003
What I miss from Home

Yeah, I love it here in Japan and all, but it is not home. I miss all my friends and family of course! Just so you guys know I think about you all the time!! So dont think that I dont think fo you guys!!! Miss you all heaps!! and wish you all could be here with me, but you cant....which blows!

Yes its hard being away from everyone, but I will survive! I have friends here in Japan too!!! That I can hang with, other exchangies and my Japanese friends!! You guys help me get thru the homesickness, and the days where I just wanna pack up and leave. And I say thanks!! You guys know who you are! I dont know what I would do without you guys!!! seriously...I honestly dont know. Im extremely lucky to have friends like you guys! Couldnt ask for anything more!

I am looking forward to going home, but at the sametime I dont wanna go home. Its kinda of a wierd feeling but some of you will know what I am talking about.

Going home will be great! But Im going to miss everyone here! But when I get home...some of you better be waiting at the Saskatoon Airport or theres going to be hell to pay, and you better have a fridge full of Alcohol waiting for me too...HAHAH...we are going to party like its 1999, even tho its...going to be what....2004?!...hehe

YAY!!! ok guys...yeah I think its what....73 days left?? Crazy isnt it? Feels like Ive been here forever...but I havent!! But the countdown begins....well for me anyway! Cya!!

Posted at 04:57 pm by burnin_lover
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Nagasaki School Trip!

Well....its said and done, and what can I say it was fun, not extremely fun, but just fun. I can honestly say tho it wasnt worth the 1500 CND that I paid for it, seeing as it was only for 3 days. But the hotels were extremely nice...and guess what!?! I GOT TO SLEEP IN A BED!!!...lol I havent slept in one since I got here, so I slept like a ROCK! I cant sleep on those bloodly futons, I wake up like 20 times during the night, and sometimes cant get back to sleep but anyway....

I got to know my classmates better, so i talk to alot of them more then I used to, I even went to Utsunomiya yesterday with a bunch of them and did some shopping and went bowling great fun!

Go to see the Atomic bomb Museum, it was cool, except we had this guy do the most BORING presentation i have EVER seen in my LIFE!!! Ive seen boring onese before....but OMG this guy I wanted to take something and throw it at him to shut him up!!! He stood up on the stage....in the same position and talked and talked for over an hour, his voice was very monotone (I think thats the word), and he used very very complicated Japanese, so I couldnt even understand what he was talking about...and he had no visuals or antyhing, just a piece of paper...I actually fell asleep...and so did all my friends.....dont blame them.

The hotel was of course Japanese style, had to sleep on a futon and what not, I had more fun in the hotel room then I did on the trip...haha...man I thought Canadians were crazy...but Japanese take the cake....haha it was extremely fun! One guy brought his GameCube too so we played that for a while, it was quite fun! One guy was pretending to give another guy a blow job and they were pretending to have sex...and....I dont even wanna say what else...but MAn was it hilarious...everyone in the room was cracking up! And to top it all off, our room was the only room that had a fridge that was FULL OF BEER!!!..haha but we didnt touch it....wish we did tho...

The 2nd Hotel was even nicer than the first, it was Japanese style again but had 2 beds in it too....I took the bed...i was ready to beg for it if I had to but...they offered it to me, and I took it right away!

Did the Public bath....no surprice there...but Japanese Guys...are....I dont know....WIERD....but well leave that for another day for me to tell you what the hell went on in the Public Bath...most of you probably dont wanna know....i didnt wanna know..but I know now..

All in all it was great fun, and I think were going on a Skiing Trip this month or next...I don tknow...but that should be cool....yay!

Posted at 04:48 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 27, 2003
School Trip

Tomorrow I head on my school trip to Kuyushu, should be heaps of fun!!! i hope it is!!! weeee!! Sorry to keep this short! I will write about my weekend when I get moer time too!!! So you should hear from me....maybe Saturday or Friday we will see how I feel!!!!...lol and I have some more bitching to do....and I mean alot....stuff about my host family that is driving me around the bend, and almost wanting to get it changed, if I cant get it worked out with them...ARGGGGGGGG *is getting homesick* BUT I will survive....I always manage too!!! SO MISS YOU ALL AND TALK TO YOU ALL IN ABOUT 5 DAYS!!!! TAKE CARE!!! BYEEEEEE

Posted at 04:58 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 24, 2003
Website Uploaded

Hey Guys! For those of you that didnt get my email last night I have my website up and running now! Its not perfect nor...the best but it gets the job done!! You can visit it HERE!! So enjoy the photos!!! I will get more up when I get them!!

Im off for the weekend, going bowling with some buddies from school, should be HEAPS of fun!! Cant wait for that, and Im going to a Childrens Festival on Sunday, so Im busy all weekend which doesnt bother me none!!! I will write how it goes on Monday!! TAKE CARE EVERYONE AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!

Posted at 11:06 am by burnin_lover
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Oct 22, 2003

Well, I got my first warning from JFIE about the use of my cell phone. The teachers have been saying that I use it all the time in class...which is bullshit!!!! TOTAL BULLSHIT! I dont ALWAYS use it in class...i use it maybe....once...and thats when were doing nothing!!!! ACK pisses me off sooo much!!! The next time I get a letter, then the 3rd time Im sent home....shit hey??? Sucks big ass time!!

So Im in a bad mood...have been for the past couple days...stuff has just been pissing me off lately, studying Japanese ALL THE TIMe is starting to get on my nervous...i wanna learn it and stuff..but....ACK reading and reading reading...is gettins annoying as hell!!! Im sure alot of you know that feeling!!!

Also...who actually reads my blog anyway?..lol...Im probably just wasting my time...writing this for nothing...and what not....since no one really reads its ya know?...lol but I guess..its nice to get things off my chest.....

Thats all I have for now...midterms are this week...so ive been doing nothing since I dont have to write them..just studying MORE JAPANESE...ackkkkkk. And my teachers are block heads...pisses me off...they dont know where im supposed to go...and all that shit.......ok ok ok im done bitching...im going to watch a movie now...maybe feel better...do do dooo....

Posted at 06:22 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 20, 2003
Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno...and what not.

Sunday...man sunday started off really early, I woke up at 5am and left the house by 6am. I had to catch the 627 train to Ueno so I could meet up with Shyla and Holly by 9am. The train ride was pretty long, and I got stuck in the morning rush...so it was pretty crowded.
Got to Ueno station at I think....830am and I met Holly there and we went and took another train to Shinjuku and met Shyla there!
Did alot of shopping, well I mostly watched since I didnt wanna blow all my money on everything that I saw. And I easily could have...but...I wanted to get home and eat...which was more important...haah.
I love the fashion in Shinjuku and Shibuya....some of these people look like they came right out of a Anime TV show...its really cool! Their hair is prefectly spiked in every possible way, and colored blue or something. And they wear the coolest clothes in the world, if someone were to do that in Canada, people would think your a freak. But I thought it was extremely cool!!!! and not to mention the platforms here....yikes.
Had lunch at this really fancy Mcdonalds...lol never in my life have I seen such a fancy Mcdonalds....wierd no?

One really wierd thing that happened was...the 3 of us were walking...and we ran into Nozami and Mamiko! They were from the Global Village Camp!! So we stopped and talked to them for a bit and got some pictures taken!! REALLY COOL!! theres how many people in Japan again?...Shyla and I were pretty boggled about how we ran into them! Too bad we couldnt run into all the exchange students here...hehe.

Pikura, man how I love it...even tho its really for girls..and aimed at girls..its still ALOT OF FUN!!! Shyla, Holly and I...did I dont know how many times....We spend over 1000 yen each!!! I will see if I can get some scanned and show them to you!! Or give a few out as gifts!! Since we printed alot out so we could give to people!!!

...hmmm one REALLY REALLY funny thing that happened was...we were walking down the street, and this homeless man was in a bikini pose...with his hand down his pants...and his hand was moving in a very....well..Im sure you can figure that out. We all saw it and laughed our asses off!!! WHO THE HELL DOES THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!?!! We gave him a nickname...The Homeless Perv!!!! HAHA great isnt?

Besides other shops we visited there wasnt much else...except more and more Pikura! Walked alot more...laughed at everything we saw...dont ask why we just did! And talked about various things....how we miss home and want to go home...but dont? Kinda hard to explain but the exchangies know the feeling!!!

Shyla had to leave by 5pm....that kinda sucked..so Holly and I went back to Ueno and hung out for a bit and had supper!! mmmmm it was good!!! And it wasnt that expensive either.

After supper we both headed out seperate ways to go home...man what a fun day...I havent had that much fun since....well Global Village to be honest. WE plan to get together again in Tokyo...hopefully some more of you exchangies in the area can come with us!!! That would be extremely cool!!!

Posted at 05:42 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 17, 2003

ARG....all I can say right now is that i HATE GYM!! With a passion!.....these guys in my class are such assholes I cant stand them!!! *screams* Lets see we have been playing...Volleyball for the past 3 weeks, I really dont know why and our gym teacher hasnt been at school for about that long.

Well Im trying to play the damed game but all the guys on my team NEVER let me touch or hit the ball, they just hog it from me all the time!! Even when the DAMNED ball is coming my WAY!!! And I can hit it perfectly but noooooooooooooo...they go RIGHT infront of me or even push me over to HIT THE BALL!!! I dont know what the hell their problem is but it is annoying AS HELL!!! ARG I cant stand them...and to think I have to go on a school trip with these guys....thats something that Im not looking forward to....maybe I should get a little more agressive with these guys....hehe...push them around and see how they like it. mwhahaha!!

Anyways, this weekend should be the mother of all weekends, well comparted to all the weekends that I have spent here, they are a little boring. Im heading to Tokyo to meet up with some of the other Exchangies! WEEEEEE!! That should be alot of fun! I have to take the train there (no surprise) so that will be an adventure of its own, but I HOPE I get there without getting lost or something like that. So if you dont hear from me on Monday, that means...well Im still lost...hehe.

Posted at 12:25 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 16, 2003
University in Australia

Some of you Exchangies already know this, but I am thinking about going to University in Australia next year!! I have been looking for Universities and asking certain people for help!

My Teacher back home in Canada has a son that goes to Curtin Uni which is in Perth. Its really funny because that is the University that I am considering the most!! How wierd is that!? So she is helping me with the University stuff and talking to my mum about it too!!

I am going to go thru this program I think its called Australearn Im not sure but somewhere alongs those lines! And they are a non profit organization that helps International Students go to University in Australia or New Zealand!

So I may be applying for University for the first semester which is in Feb. but thats really too soon for me, since I will go back to Canada at the end of Jan. just getting home then packing up and leaving for 4 years.....I dont think I want to do that. So more than likely I will see if they will take me in for the start of the 2nd Semester! Which would work out better, since I will have about 6 months to get stuff done and do stuff with people before I leave for 3-4 years ya know?

Alot of people back home....I know some of you are reading this now...Sarah and Trevor (hehe) dont want me to go...buutttttt its something that I would really love to do and I want to see more of this world while I am still here! We dont know when we will leave this earth so I want to make the best of it with the time that is left!!! Of course Im not going to forget anyone back home, or never see them again, I will come back during the holidays (whenever they are in Australia I really have no clue). But maybe instead of discouraging me to go, maybe look at the positive side of things? LOL If that made any sense at all. Theres always the internet!!! WebCam conversations are always fun...Sarah, Sheri, Andrea and Trevor know how fun webcam chats are with me (haha I know what you are thinking...).

But for those of you back home in Canada you can come over and visit me when you have the cash!! Working at McDonalds does give you enough money to do that!! LOOK WHERE MCDONALDS GOT ME...haha JAPAN DAMMIT!! I wouldnt be here if it werent for McDonalds...lol sounds sad but it is true.

Those of you in Australia, if I do end up moving to Australia (and by the looks of it more than likely Perth) we definately have to meet up and party sometime!! IF we can have fun at a Camp I think we can have a BLAST anywhere!!!

Thats my rambling for the day!!!!!

Posted at 03:04 pm by burnin_lover
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Rollercoaster Weekend

Friday I joined this Readers Club, where we read to little kids in Japanaese, and we go festivals, camps and stuff. It was really fun actually...haha all the other people were about my age 16,17,18! Pretty cool!

Saturday started out good. I went to Utsunomiya to meet up with Holly and Shyla since they were there for an event! So I was waiting for them, and this girl comes up behind me (foriegner) and says...HEY you from Canada? And I was like..yeah!! Sure am!

She is from Toronto and with another exchange program shes here from August till May. So I hung out with her for a while and got her email address and what not. Then i went to go and meet up with Holly and Shyla, well i couldnt find them, so I mailed both of their phones cause I knew they were in the station! But nothing, then 10mins before they train had to leave I found them! It sucked we only got to talk for about 5 mins but better than nothing!

So they left and i met up with that girl again and we went shopping for a bit and got some Pikura done!

Then I headed home, BUt the ONLY TRAIN that I dont take to get home is the 615 train cause its the only one that goes the different route, but NO one told me that...so I got ont hat train and ending in some god forsaken place! I had NO IDEA where I was, so I hoped off the train and looked at the map, of course its all in Kanjii so I was looking for my towns kanjii. Then luckly one of my friends was there, and she explained things to me and told me to get on this other train and transfer at this station to get home! GOD I was really scared cause I didnt know what the hell I did wrong!!! Then I asked my host family what I did wrong and they said the 615 train I dont take...would have been nice if I knew that a head of time!

Sunday I was going to an international festival, so i had to take the train again. So I thought ok...dont take the 615 train HOME! So I got on the train at 830am at my station heading to Utsunomiya, well the 830 train didnt leave until 845 for some stupid reason, then it stopped at this station...and everyone on the train...had to transfer from this huge train into a 4 car one...(we never have to transfer to get to Utsunomiya). So it was tight in there i couldnt move...then i finally got to Utsunomiya!

Then i had to take the damned bus...and I had to figure that out too...talking to the bus drive and other people to find out the right bus. I guess my Jap was better than i thought. so I got to the festival had fun yadda yadda...

NOW im back at the train station, and when I got there...ALL the boards were out telling you the platforms and departure times...I thought....what the hell have I done to deserve this...so I again went around asking random people which train and I finally figured it out...

Yeah it was an interesting weekend! then I just logged on today and talking to some friends on MSN and I found out that 2 of my Teachers back home were killed yesterday in a car accident! so that was a total shock to the system, the one guy was my math teacher and he was an awesome guy, and he was my group leader for the trip to Europe. I could go on but Im not going to! And the other teacher was his wife (I think she was someone correct me if Im wrong), and their daugher is in cridical condition. Also one of the people that I knew at school died also last week. Man...lol what a week!!!

Posted at 02:50 pm by burnin_lover
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Oct 15, 2003

Hey Everyone!!

This is my new blog! Since its easier then I guess annoyoing you all with emails and such!!! I will try and update this a bit...lol!!!

My Website for pictures of Japan is COMPLETE!!! I have to somehow get it uploaded to the net somehow....since Im really limited its hard for me to do it!!

But I have over 50 Pictures from Global Village which I know alot of you guys that were there would LOVE to see!!! If you guys have pictures that you want to scan and send them to me somehow I will be more than happy to host them for you!!! AT NO COST (since I have to pay for the webspace). So you can email me and ask how to get them to me and all that stuff!!!

Not much else, i will write about my INTERESTING weekend when I get time, some of you already know what happened...lol. Alot of ups and downs!! but Im saving that for later!

Enjoy!! And leave me some messages if you want!! YAY!!!! *does a little dance*!! SEE SOME OF YOU GUYS SOON!!!!

Chris N

*your burnin_lover*

Posted at 04:44 pm by burnin_lover
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